Oakland Faces a Serious Health Crisis

1 in 3 children, and nearly half of African-American and Latino children, are predicted to develop diabetes in their lifetimes. Soda and other sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugar in the American diet, and are linked to increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart and liver disease, and tooth decay. Oakland must take action now! Find out More


We can save lives with strong public policy combined with education and local programs to combat the negative effects of sugary drinks. Your support in November (2016) of Measure HH, Oakland’s Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax, will mean an estimated $6-8 million in revenues per year to use in Oakland on community member recommended programs such as health, nutrition education, parks and recreation. Distributors of sugary drinks in Oakland  will pay one penny per ounce - not you - and small businesses will be exempt. Support us now to turn this crisis around! View Endorsements

Help us fight Big Soda today - our children are counting on us!

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